Published On: Sat, Jun 16th, 2012

It’s a Dad Life Is My New Anthem

It's a Dad Life Video

You know, sometimes I forget that it’s Father’s Day weekend. Seriously. I mean, I just bought a gift for the lady, a Kindle Fire [her Mother’s Day gift] case with the Kenyan flag on it, forgetting it’s her month to buy me gifts. Actually, though, every single day feels like Father’s Day. My gift being the little one and how much she has changed, well, everything.

And then I start to remember that I forget what it’s like to not be a dad already. Not even two years now and I’ve assimilated into a lifestyle that I used to be allergic to. June was the month I called my dad, sent a few text messages to the other daddies I know and patiently wait for the NFL’s training camp to start.

But then I get an email reminding me that I’m a recipient this month, too. My good friend Tonie Fenton send this video, and if it was two years ago, I wouldn’t have made it halfway through, found nothing really that funny about it, and probably would’ve made it a point to never have children. Look at how they live!

But today, when I watch it, I can relate to it all — even the gas station sunglasses, the dozens of dollars and the splishy splashy for an hour or two. And I love this life!

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