Published On: Thu, May 24th, 2012

Steve Coll’s “Private Empire” Already Earned a Spot on My Top Shelf

The ride home was spent completing crossword puzzles, Suduko and doing everything I could to stay awake and not miss my transfer at Metro Center.

When I got to Union Station, the lady was called to say she was picking me up and I had just a moment to run into the bookstore and grab something quickly for the trip the next day. How could I not plan ahead!? Spilled milk. Moving on.

So not wanting to keep the lady waiting, I rolled past the tables of books waiting for something to stand up and beg me to buy it. I started to get The Hunger Games because of the hype when I saw Steve Coll’s latest book Private Empire: ExxonMobil and American Power. I forgot it was on my wishlist. After reading Ghost Wars Coll has established himself as one of the best writers I’ve ever had to pleasure of reading.

And not even halfway through the book, it has already earned five fingers of five fingers. Coll’s level of detail is so in-depth it’s as if he was a fly on the wall for the past several decades just taking notes of everything Exxon has done to get to where they are today. He has a way of taking many different unrelated events over several years, if not decades, many different people spanning generations and takes you on a tour of the world then somehow brings it all back together using Exxon as the thread to show how everything is connected. Coll touches on events I read in other books that didn’t mention the Exxon angle.

The lady and I are going to Romania for Memorial Day week. When I get back, if I can remember my password, I’ll share more about why this book is on my top shelf.

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