Published On: Tue, May 29th, 2012

Najwa Owns Herăstrău Park in Bucharest, Romania [2:59]

While Nduku took care of business at work at the Bucharest office, Najwa and I went for a little walk. But, it was less about the sightseeing since Najwa doesn’t have much — more like absolutely none — interest in the city. But around the corner where we were staying is a huge park called Herăstrău Park around Lake Herăstrău.

While I was taking a photo of one of the sculptures, Najwa found a way to get her feet wet. Afterwards we walked around the park and there are a number of playgrounds for her to spend all her energy in time for her nap. We found one not too wet from the rain the day before and she had it all to herself.

Herăstrău Park (Romanian: Parcul Herăstrău) is a large park on the northern side of Bucharest, Romania, around Lake Herăstrău.

The park has an area of about 1.1 km², of which 0.7 km² is the lake. Initially, the area was full of marshes, but these were drained between 1930 and 1935, and the park was opened in 1936. The park is divided into two zones: a rustic or natural zone (the Village Museum), which is left more or less undisturbed, and a public/’active’ domain with open areas for recreation activities. Small boats are allowed on the lake.

At various points in its history it has been called Parcul Naţional, Parcul Carol II, and Parcul I. V. Stalin. The park once featured a statue of Stalin, which was torn down in 1956.

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