Published On: Tue, Feb 14th, 2012

Who Would Be President Without the Airlift?

Airlift to AmericaEvery now and again someone will recommend a book for me to read. I always found recommendations a hit or miss considering not everyone has the same interests or tastes in books. Me personally, I lean heavily towards non-fiction books about history, current events, African history, histories of different peoples and countries; as well as anything Washington, DC; as well as espionage novels; as well as conspiracies; and so on and so forth.

Currently I’m reading “Airlift to America,” about the program set up in the late 50s and early 60s to send Kenyans [and other East Africans] to study in America. The airlift itself was brought to my attention by a friend of one on Nduku’s friends. Just as Kenya was anticipating its independence from being a British colony, there was a realization of a lack of skilled individuals to run a government, mostly due in part because of the British efforts to keep a colonized people ignorant.

Interesting enough, one of the key figures is a guy named Barack Hussein Obama, Sr. He came to America via the Airlift, becoming the University of Hawaii’s first African student. While there he met a young lady from Kansas, they married, they had a son, and we know how that story unfolds. But what if Kenyan union labor leader and activist Tom Mboya and a host of many, many, many other individuals didn’t spend their energies, time and money to making that happen? Quite fascinating read I recommend everyone to read.

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