Published On: Sat, May 28th, 2011

Najwa’s First Washington Nationals Game

The first baseball game I ever went to was a minor league game — The Fayetteville Generals at JP Riddle Stadium. It was less of a stadium and more a baseball field with some bleachers. I have no idea if they won or not, who they played or even if they exist to this day. My dad took me there for my birthday one year, and even though there were no TV crews or multimillionaire superstars, I’ll never forget going.

Najwa probably won’t remember her first baseball game, even though it was the majors, in one of the country’s best ballparks and we had some of the best seats in the house. We took Najwa to watch the Nationals host the San Diego Padres [who won 5-4] on a blistering hot afternoon.

Nationals Park
Even before getting into the stadium, you can tell they put a lot of thought into creating the ultimate game day experience.
Najwa and Nduku at Nationals Park
Najwa at Nationals Park
Najwa at Nationals Park

We started the afternoon in the nose bleeds. It was hot [I can’t reiterate that enough], and I kept thinking we should go higher up where the seats were covered and had some shade. But then Arnold called and invited us to join him and his son at Red Porch. Though there was not only no shade, but more direct sunlight, who could resist the seats right behind center field?

Red Porch at Nationals Park
Najwa at Red Porch at Nationals Park
Najwa looks a lot happier with these seats.
Presidential Race at Nationals Park
Najwa at Red Porch at Nationals Park
Najwa at Red Porch at Nationals Park
Nduku at Nationals Park

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