Date archive for March, 1999
By David Gaines On Sunday, March 28th, 1999

It’s My Decision to Control My Destiny

Existentialism. I’ve always said, “If it’s my fate to be successful, why try? I’m simply meant to be successful. And if I’m not meant to be successful, why try? Even if I try, I’m More...

By David Gaines On Thursday, March 25th, 1999

Taking Advice From a 14th Century Writer

When I talk to students who have taken a class in which Niccolo Machiavelli is a topic, I am surprised at how quick they are to thrash him by what they heard from their instructors rather than read his More...

By David Gaines On Wednesday, March 24th, 1999

To Be a Fayettevillain

Reminiscing… Ever since leaving the place nicked Fayette’nam, I don’t find myself wanting to return anytime soon. Maybe the holidays and my mom’s birthday. But I can’t help More...

By David Gaines On Monday, March 22nd, 1999


Time is something I’ve always said was precious, but I’ve also mentioned that it’s my worse enemy. The more of it we use, the more important it is for us to remember the time already spent. More...

By David Gaines On Tuesday, March 9th, 1999

A Man and A Goose

When I was younger, I read this book of fables. All of them were quite interesting, but one in particular caught my attention. Traditionally, I’ve been an impatient person. My mind tells me I have More...